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DiTOIL lubricant products in the Industrial Line


The products from the DiTOIL Industrial Line after years of research and testing qualified for the highest demands of various industries. The (test) partners from the very beginning come from the most diverse application areas such as contractors, car importers, agri-machinery, racing, road, forest, inland, offshore, cycling, clothing and even ski lifts.


Also at the moment there are new DiTOIL products tested; whether it is at sea on an oil rig on the highway in a truck on the track in a race car or in the air in a windmill. DiTOIL Industrial Line is continuously used to break new records. Only the very best performance is good enough.


DiTOIL industrial line products are the best in their class:


Oil additive which versatility and performance is unprecedented in the lubricants market.

High quality grease (resistant to water, salts and acids)

Sprayman (used as Penetrating oil, penetrating oily lubricant, chain spray, Teflon, and even as cutting oil)

Pointer (2000 x the lubricating action of traditional lubricant)

DiTOIL Oil additive range


An oil additive that has never been seen in terms of versatility and performance of the lubricants market. DiTOIL ® additive in 2901 after years of development and testing in various laboratories and extreme practical situations eventually perfected to the current level.


DiTOIL ® Additive 2901 is unbeatable when it comes to performance and performance at high load, temperature, resistance reduction and lubrication improver.


This oil additive is made up of 100% oil and petro-chemical causing undesirable side-effects that occur with teflon, graphite or other oil-foreign substances are excluded.

It is also suitable as an additive in all kinds of synthetic and mineral oils suitable for use in engines, transmissions, gearboxes, cardan or other lubrication systems.


Also, the scope unlimited as automotive, industrial, marine, agriculture, civil engineering, aviation and green energies. Improving efficiency of 8% is realistic due to less friction in critical lubrication areas.


Less friction automatically gives less wear, less heat thus preserving the oil quality and thus extending the lifespan. Additionally, you can suffice with only 3% DiTOIL ® 2901 additive in your current oil. In relation to the savings you realize, the cost is a negligible amount.

DitOIL Grease


From the makers of the blue grease. DiTOIL ® grease 1712 is the only and original blue fat from the top end of the grease. It is a poly-urea thickened grease formulated from high quality raw materials and exclusive additives thereto owes this fat its superior performance. During development, this fat was unbeatable on rust and oxidation formation, temperature and viscosity stability, adhesion and extreme pressure load.


This grease is specially formulated for extreme loads, high temperatures, humid conditions and acidic environments where other fats fail. The advanced greasing and patented design make for improved performance and excellent adhesion to all materials resulting in guaranteed protection. As a result, you are not only assured of a high-performing machine, but the wear resistance and reduced to a minimum.


- Withstand extreme conditions

- Withstand extreme point loading

- DB noise-reducing

- Can withstand extremely high temperatures up to 210 °C

- High-melting point> 165 ° C

- File at extremely low temperatures down to -40 °C

- Protection against rust and oxidation high adhesion for

  improved adhesion

- Viscosity of about -30 ° C to 165 ° C or less stable

- Drop point> 260 ° C

- 100% Water, salt and acid resistant

DiTOIL Sprayman lubricant


A small revolution for all liquid lubricators which are applied by hand. That is where this product stands for.


DiTOIL sprayman ® 2810 sets new standards and combines all the features a multi-purpose lubricant and penetrating oil in it should have. A balanced mix of anti-corrosion additives, penetrating, adhesion and lubrication improvers are added to make DiTOIL ® sprayman 2810 the best lubricant and penetrating oil. The product lubricates, crawls, cleans and dries almost on but remains lubricated. Because of the dryness and dirt have significantly less grip.


Also, the Sprayman 100% water-resistant, heat-resistant, and salts and / or acids, have virtually no influence on the lubricity effect. The viscosity is watery making it economical to use; Excessive application is not necessary.


This versatile product is its high crawling, adhesive and lubricating a universal replacement for all existing lubricant and penetrating oils.

DiTOIL Pointer lubricant


The DiTOIL pointer ® 1309 is due to its size, the baby of our complete line of lubricants. But do not be fooled by its small size, this home is a sophisticated specialist of great class.


Our small and convenient size is thanks to the high concentration of which the product is made. This allows a drop of lubricant build up a complete and long-lasting lubrication. Due to its ingenious design with flexible steel needle can also determine exactly where the once high-lubrication should be applied. Hard to reach areas can now be provided. Measured with a minimal dosage of maximum lubrication


Even small parts can get the hard time, the pointer tolerate the most extreme pressure loads, temperature or fluids and acids. The DiTOIL pointer ® 1309 is suitable for all types of specialist materials such as stainless steel, titanium, bronze and aluminum.


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